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Storage Services

Unlimited Moving Provides Hassle-Free Self Storage

If you're ready to move out but not ready to move into your new home or office yet, Unlimited Moving services can help. Unlimited Moving provide storage services that include clean, professional, short and long-term storage in a modern, sanitized, private facility at affordable prices. Our climate-controlled facility is designed for residential and commercial uses. The facility is equipped with a state-of-the-art security system and fire alarms with 24-hour central monitoring.

As part of our storage services, Unlimited Moving specialists catalog each of your personal assets for inventory and list each individual piece and its condition. Additionally, before we load and unload your items, you can verify the condition notes on the inventory and approve the inventory list, ensuring everything is accounted for and received in the same condition as when we picked it up. At Unlimited Moving, service is our priority. We will store your possessions as long as needed in secure, cost-effective storage.